“Heart and Soil” the exhibition event at the FAO Headquarters in Rome



The power of contemporary art ranges to the ground
“Heart and Soil” the exhibition event at the FAO Headquarters in Rome
ANSA Publication June 30, 201717: 28

HOME photo by Alfredo Macchi

HOME photo by Alfredo Macchi

Promote the importance of soil, a non-renewable natural resource in the temporal space of a human life. This is the goal of the “Heart and Soil” exhibition at the FAO Headquarters in Rome, born of the need to animate and contaminate artisically the fifth Plenary Assembly of the World Soil Partnership (Global Soil Partnership, GSP).

The theme has also been declined through contemporary art with a group of artists of international renown. The urgency of protecting the ground as a matter of primary importance for life, which has always been dear to artists, has developed through the use of various pictorial, photographic and sculptural techniques focusing on the increasing rate of global soil degradation and the consequences That it involves contamination, threats to biodiversity and loss of ecosystem services essential to life on earth. Art becomes a fly, a tool needed to correlate scientific arguments with visual, tactile, and conceptual emotions.

These artists

Quirino Cipolla, sculptor and author of the opera “The Soil’s Gift”, “Hands for Ground”, “Evolution” and “Into the Soil” (with Angelica Romeo’s artwork).

Angelica Romeo, painter and author of the work “The Wounds of Earth”, “The Suffering Green”, and “The Uncontaminated Solco”.

Francesca Lolli, performer and video artist, author of the work “Regeneration”.

Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo, photographer and author of “Double Opera” “Cruel Colors”.

Roberto Mannino, painter in mixed technique and author of “Untitled”, “Spill”, and “Carousel”.

Alessandro Rabboni, photographer and author of the “Trust” work.

Alfredo Macchi, photographer and author of “Home”, “Work”, and “Life” works.





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