• Apurimac for Perù
    The association based in Rome that deals with supporting the work and projects in the social aim of the Augustinian missionaries in the remote region dell’Apurimac, in south-central Peru.
  • Cesvi
    One of the most important italian non-governmental association from Bergamo deals with dozens of humanitarian projects in most of the world. With Cesvi I worked in India, Bosnia and Venezuela.
  • Birimbao for Africa
    It is based in Lainate (Mi) and Varese, and takes care to help children wherever they are. Projects in Ethiopia, Cape Verde and Madagascar.
  • International Journalism Festival of Perugia
    One of the most important appointment for those who love this mestriere, for those who want to learn, for those who are just plain curious to understand how the information. Five days face to face with the protagonists of the Italian and foreign press, to listen, discuss, reflect.
  • Luchetta Foundation for child victim of war
    In Trieste a group of people decided to give life to a stable structure to coordinate the “journeys of hope” for the sick or injured children in war zones to some Italian hospitals. It ensures hospitality, even if temporary, in a house before accolgienza for these sick children of the world and their families. It is’the Foundation Luchetta Ota D’Angelo Hrovatin founded in memory of the four media workers died during their work in telling distant conflicts.
  • Francesco Fossa photographer
    The site of a friend with a passion for real journalism and photography. His images tell a dream world but above all do.
  • Kairos Onlus
    Non governamental organization italo-argentina based in Milan that deals with several projects in the South American country, in particular to help the street children, the Indians of the Andes and the jungle.
  • Margareta Riccoboni photographer
    The site of a friend photographer, Margareta Riccoboni, the particular sensitivity. His photographs are striking in light, the contrasts, the inner strength.
  • Mediafriends
    The non-profit association of Mediaset, Mondadori and Medusa in charge of the projects of solidarity.
  • Doctors Without Borders
    Often they are the only ones which remain when other organizations abandon the field for safety reasons. Doctors and nurses are volunteers who risk their lives to rescue, heal the wounded, to assist the sick wherever there is need. There are 70 countries in the world, in those forgotten crises that nobody talks about.
  • National Press Photographers Association
    The American Association of photographers and journalists dell’audiovideo. Interesaanti site full of ideas and a code of ethics to be read and re-elect.
  • Journalism Award Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei
    Award for young journalists (under 35 years) in memory of Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei, who died in July 2007.
  • Reportage Atri Festival
    Reportage. Pictures, words, stories: events, exhibitions, meetings in the city of Atri, in the province of Teramo.
    The theme of the report is treated, depth and illustrated in all its forms: from photography to radio, from print to video. A well-rounded approach to focus so unusual and engaging, the profession of reporter by comparing the different international realities.
  • Sergio Lepri
    The site of one of the greats of Italian journalism, rich materials to reflect on the profession, its ethics, its history. And rich in lessons on how to write well and easily. Anything but easy and increasingly forgotten in the fast food journalism today. A small refuge at the home of a teacher to come back every time you try a stimulus to improve.
  • Marco Lupis News from Asia