Rivoluzioni S.p.A. Who is back the arab spring

Rivoluzioni S.p.A. Who is back the arab spring
Rivoluzioni s.p.a. Chi c'è dietro la Primavera Araba
A voce alta
Alfredo Macchi
Alpine Studio

Millions of people took to the streets in the Arab world to demand democracy and freedom. Moved by a sincere desire to change young and old, men and women who risked their lives by challenging authoritarian regimes untouchable for decades. But revolutions do not come from the sun.

Behind it is the commitment of a few brave activists and, as always, those who financed them, trained and directed in an attempt to push the protests towards outcomes sometimes very different from those who dreamed of those who took part.

What makes us one of the groups protagonists of the Egyptian revolution in association wanted by the US State Department and sponsored by major US companies? What role did a school of Belgrade who teaches courses on how to overthrow dictators? Because Washington has trained bloggers Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenis and Syrians and provides their software against censorship? And because millions of dollars sent by the Gulf monarchies through charitable organizations are over to the rebels? What weight finally had secret agents, military trainers and special forces? Behind the Arab Spring emerge disturbing scenarios.

This book, through a rigorous investigative work and a trip in the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, trying to make light about the background revealing stories and intrigues truly amazing.

In Italian language at the moment.