Vita Raccontata
Alfredo Macchi
May 2015
21x29,7 cm
Languages: English and Italian

Some argue that great empires became such with war. It's not true. War does not build, it destroys. It destroys the lives of men, their homes, their monuments, their cities. And the nature, the landscape, the beauty. The great civilizations that have developed thanks to culture, peaceful coexistence, the far-sightedness of those who governed them. War has always been a step back in history. The ruins that stand on the battlefields are proof of this.
Alfredo Macchi has taken many photos in fifteen years of journalistic work in conflict zones, images full of people, pain, screams, noise. They are dramatic shots that arouse strong emotions. In this book he has chosen photographs that portray the war landscape, almost devoid of the human element, where the result of human action prevails and silence reigns.
An opportunity to reflect, beyond the chronicles of the bombings, the advances and the defeats, on what war is all about.

The book won the second prize in the category at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2015, the first prize in the category at the International Photograpy Awards 2015 and the first prize in the photo books section at the Moscow International Foto Award 2015.


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